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Sunday, June 24, 2018

Ying Lowrey develops Tsinghua SME curricula, is alirearch's connector out of beijing as well as author of ali baba way- she helps advise tsinghua graduates on international opportunitie - eg in italy, at rhodes oxford ...

After Alipay's 20% acquisitionj of bkash in may2018 we started conversation on exchanges bettween those who love brac and those who celebrate china's best networks for smes

Ying lowrey text
1) I would be very happy to go to Bangladesh for a roundtable discussion; also, I would like to see a real small business world either in a village or a town. Particularly, I would like to see the impacts and the experiences of Dr. Yunus' effort. Dr. Yunus is one of the economists I admire the most.  I am working on two more books: one is the extension of The Alibaba Way, updating Alibaba's continuous innovation, as well as invention, of Internet-digits based platform that may greatly unleash grassroots entrepreneurship in the areas of public goods and public services. This effort may become important supplements of taxation based public services. The other book might be entitled The Economics of Innopreneurship in the 21st Century. It follows the tradition of innovation & entrepreneurship theory of Schumpeter-Baumol. 
2) I would love to make my effort to invite Dr Safiqul Islam, Director of BRAC Education Program for a visit at Tsinghua University. Please let me know the time that Dr. Islam is available for the visit. Please make sure send me a copy of his vita so that we can make appropriate arrangements. 
3) As for the connectivity between Jack Ma and Sir Fazle Abed, I have no control but I can certainly help send your request upon your clear terms of the purpose and goal

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